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Whimsical Dandelion Droplets

Whimsical Dandelion Droplets

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Our enchanting "Whimsical Dandelion Droplets" earrings—a graceful dance of nature captured in every detail. Each earring features a delicate dandelion suspended within a clear resin sphere, elegantly shaped in silver hooks. This exquisite pair is a testament to the artistry of floral jewellery, where the ethereal beauty of real flowers meets the timeless allure of resin craftsmanship.

Key Features:

  • Floral Elegance Unveiled: Elevate your style with the delicate beauty of real dandelion seeds encased in clear resin. These whimsical droplets bring a touch of nature's poetry to your ears.
  • Silver Sphere Sophistication: The spherical silver design adds a touch of modern elegance to these earrings, framing the dandelion with a captivating simplicity that complements any look.
  • Botanical Bliss in Resin: Immerse yourself in the botanical bliss of resin earrings. The clear resin preserves the intricate details of the dandelion, creating a wearable piece of art that captures the essence of nature.
  • Dandelion Dreams, Realized: These earrings are not just accessories; they're a manifestation of dandelion dreams. Wear them as a reminder of the whimsy and wonder found in the simplest of nature's creations.


        • Earring Shape and Size- Spherical, 1.5cm Diameter
        • Materials: Resin, Real Dandelion Seeds, Silver Metal Alloy & Fishhook
        • Hypoallergenic and Nickel-free

        Adorn yourself with the delicate allure of our "Whimsical Dandelion Droplets" earrings. Let the real flower magic and resin craftsmanship grace your ears with whimsy and elegance. Explore the beauty of blooms with this unique botanical pair. 

        Note: Each pair of earrings is unique, and the arrangement of flowers may vary slightly from the product images.

        Product Care: Avoid showers or swims with the earrings as exposure to water may cause discoloration. Handle the glass earrings with care.

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        It's beautiful daffodils earrings n it's worth spending money. Service of elnorah is really good and fast

        Vijay Bothikar

        Whimsical Dandelion Droplets